OptaFleet Electronic Control Unit

  • Voltage: 12 – 48V Nominal
  • Power consumption: < 30mA in Park Mode
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • 9 configurable analog and frequency inputs
  • 3 configurable PWM outputs
  • Integrated GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth
  • Multiple integrated hour meters
  • Protection class: IP67

Daughterboard equipped for

  • Wireless data communication (GPRS)
  • GPS Vehicle Localisation

  • Driver access control
  • Flexible event detection possibilities
  • Impact and damage control
  • Reporting of all relevant vehicle data such as driver speed, engine rpm, hydraulic pressure, temperatures, etc
  • Notification messaging
  • Real-time two way communication via GPRS
  • Bluetooth communication for calibration of the ECU and software upgrades



Improve safety
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